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About The Empathist

Ian Harvey Stone is a hypnotist, a mind reader and a unique performer.

Ian holds a masters in performance studies, is a classically trained actor and has travelled the globe seeking out knowledge and experience of esoteric practices, world theatre styles, spiritual rituals, psychological manipulation, and hypnosis. He utilises multiple techniques and disciplines from different cultures and traditions to prod, probe, discover and reveal people’s personal thoughts and feelings and to create amazing theatrical shows, talks and demonstrations! Ian is a member of Hollywood’s prestigious Magic Castle and has lectured in mind-reading and mentalism to the Magic Circle, played shows Off-Broadway and in London’s West End and beyond. Ian was mentored in the mystic arts by E. Raymond Carlyle- the son of Houdini’s prop maker and in the esoteric by a number of masters from all over the world.

- Paul Birchill, Stage Raw
From the Ghost Kings of Asia to the Shamans of South America, the Sami people of the north through to the scientists and spiritualists of London, Ian has taken what he has found and moulded it into his own original approach.

Ian calls himself an Empathist. He believes that Intuition and Empathy allow individuals to achieve rapport and thereby better understand each other. It is through Empathy that we learn to relate to others and to forge meaningful connections that can be profoundly affecting and productive.

I was fortunate enough to get brought onstage for a bout of hypnosis and was full-on engaged to the power of suggestion- Zach DrummerIan’s show is a stimulating fully interactive show encompassing these themes, engaging the minds of the audience in a light-hearted and enjoyable manner. Members of the audience are invited to investigate the potential that resides in all of us, to journey through the paths inside that are seldom trod, leaving the audience with a sense of wonder and enjoyment.

When you book Ian for a show, whether it be an intimate gathering, wedding, corporate event, product launch or a traditional theatrical venue; you are guaranteed quality entertainment that will leave your guests and clients amazed and enthused and with an experience that they will remember and talk about for some time to come.


Some Clients I've Entertained
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