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One of the great things about being able to hypnotise is being able to help people. I’m a fully trained and qualified hypnotherapist (UKHTC DipHyp) and have helped people move on from several limiting beliefs.
Hypnosis is an amazing tool for change and the best bit is that there are no prescriptions and little in the way of follow-ups. In fact, most clients have made the cognitive shift necessary to move their life forwards in one session. A session with me will generally last up to an hour. I track my clients and am particularly proud of those who have used hypnosis to lift themselves out of a mental rut, be it depression or a mental block that was stopping them from achieving the outlook and potential they wanted.

I can help you with how you manage:


Weight and your relationship with food

Stress, Anxieties and Phobias


Habits you want to change

Goal Setting, Focus and Concentration

In fact, if it’s a problem linked to a state of mind, I can almost certainly help you:

reframe, resolve and redress

Last year I operated a practice in Banbury in Oxfordshire and also London, where I helped women suffering with addiction and trauma. I have recently re-located to Santa Clarita in Los Angeles County and I’m proud to be able to offer my services in the Greater Los Angeles Area
Contact me by emailing on the contact form below. Just fill out ‘Hypnotherapy’ in the subject line and in your message please outline a little about your current concern.

I used to have a phobia of needles- not any more!

I used to have a phobia of needles- not any more!

Change is possible!

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