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On The Royal Mile

On The Royal Mile

The show starts tonight with a preview of ‘Your Place or Mind’ at the spectacular Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre 25 Palmerston Place. Frankie (tech support) and I will be hitting the Royal Mile outdoor stage again at half five prior to the show to highlight the performance. It’s a lovely morning in Auld Reekie and I hope that holds until this evening. I’ll be in and out of rehearsals today and drumming up press and publicity. If you’re in Edinburgh today or know someone who’s in town come along. I promise you’ll enjoy the show and may even see an ‘opportunity’ within the show to win back the price of your ticket! The people I have met so far at the centre have been marvellous and so very supportive and the response to the street theatre on Sunday was gratifying. I’ve only managed to see one other show so far, but as an old stomping ground it’s been brilliant to scoot around Edinburgh and re-visit familiar places and discover new sites and things to see and do.

I’ve added a brand new psychometry segment to the show which will be rolled out for the first time tonight. I’ve gathered several ‘Hauntiques’, items with a very particular provenance. Interestingly, one of the folk who works at the centre immediately picked up on one of the items even though the item was upstairs! I hope that this new item in the show will be compelling and allow people to access their unconscious imagination and who know, maybe even something more?

I’m staying with a friend in the West End and on Sunday we met purely by chance in the middle of Edinburgh on a street off the main castle thoroughfare. We literally bumped into each other and the circumstances were so coincidental/ synchronistic that I’ve added it immediately into the show. As Hunter S. Thompson once famously said:

When the going gets weird, the weird turn Pro