An obstacle is an event, not a destination.

The last few weeks have been tough. I launched my Kickstarter campaign and it failed to make anywhere near the amount needed to fund my new Edinburgh show.
That was hard, quite a few good friends backed the project but it just didn’t get the traction I was hoping for. This presented a major problem about Edinburgh as then I had to see what I could do to still realise the project.
I consulted with my best friend and now producer Frank who is helping to bankroll the initial amount to get a venue and get registered. This means it on!
‘The Devil Without’ will make It to Edinburgh and will be at C Venues Nova which is a prime site just off the Royal Mile. Having played the fringe last year, I have a better handle on pitfalls and challenges and I’m hoping that we will at least balance the books but I wouldn’t be doing this unless I absolutely believed in the project and that it would appeal to an audience.
Artistically, this project is a labour of love and I’ve already put huge amounts of time and energy into getting it together but now comes the hardest part, the ‘business’ end of show business.
I’m going to relaunch the project in the next week for a second time on Kickstarter or maybe on Indiegogo- a different platform that gives you an option to keep whatever you raise rather than hit an all or nothing target.
I’m going to adjust the rewards and add a few different ones and hope that will incentivise folk to get involved.
In other news, I managed to swing a gig performing in a comic shop during a signing of Jonathan Ross and Ian Churchill’s comic ‘Revenge’. I got to meet the boys afterwards and had a pint and a chat. Ian was an absolute legend, really lovely to talk to and Mr. Ross worked the crowds like a true professional. It was great to watch him switch on the charm and make people feel special. The security guy was someone I knew too, a ninjutsu teacher, stuntman and close protection specialist. It was good to see Mark again. He’s an interesting chap with the scariest thousand yard stare that belies his amiable nature- though I wouldn’t mess with him.

Right now, I’m sitting in a beautiful house in Kensington Square dressed as a representation of professor Calculus. There’s a party being thrown for a lady’s 50th and I have been employed as a character to wander around the house. So I shall be performing analysis of graphology, bending the tableware and using a pendulum to divine people’s thoughts and feelings.

This Friday the action moves to Banbury, to the pub Castle House where I and fellow mystery men Ben Cardall and Phil Knoxville will be dishing out the divination, meddling with minds and making happy with people’s psyche.
Do come along if you’re in the area.