Put Another Dime In The Dukebox Baby

Whoah! What a week. This last week has been such a great experience. This was really the first time I got to roll out new facets of the show and to integrate some business. Over the course of the run at Brighton, Frankie (my tech guy and creative sounding board) and I tweaked and talked over moments and mooched repeatedly from Hove to Brighton.
The result is that the show is leaner and most assuredly better.

Fringe city, an outdoor event along New Road promoting acts playing the Fringe proved to be an excellent way of meeting fellow performers and potential audience. For a second time I hit the ‘up close and personal’ Fringe Van after playing one of the open stages to deliver some hypnotherapy to those wanting to shift a limiting belief. One dear soul leaving weepy but energised about what she had accomplished in so short a time. Onstage as well, I capitalised on a particularly good subject capable of experiencing catalepsy and amnesia

Fringe City

Entrance @FringeCity

Audience feedback at The Dukebox Theatre reveals that he was a reason for some of them stopping by!
It was edifying to play alongside Elvis and Marilyn impersonators, a musical revue about the life and times of pioneer surgeon John Hunter and two hairy dudes singing tunes about Billy the Kid.

The second weekend was rammed as Brighton was playing host to ‘The Great Escape’ a rather large music festival in addition to Fringe and Brighton Festival events. Large gangs of the painfully hip roved around or perched on pub benches discussing the finer points of music whilst sipping Aperol Spritz (which seems to be ubique through clever marketing and hard cash advertising) and artfully, nonchalantly rolling ciggies one-handed. I hadn’t seen so many AAA passes since my London ligger days.

Performance-wise I had three very different audiences, the smallest being on the last night (7) which necessitated a reworking of certain elements of the show. It actually elevated the emotional content of the show and the rapport with the audience (though I felt I knew them all pretty well by the end of the performance!) eliciting several ‘wow’ moments and a fair share of confused ‘What?’ And ‘nooooo!’s.
Cbeebies legend Sid Sloane also popped in and stayed around after for some drinks and a chat. I heard his voice in the audience (I was blindfolded at the time) and had one of those ‘He sounds familiar’ episodes where you try to place someone. Turns out he’s a South London boy so we had a proper chat about Wandsworth, Tooting and Balham and the haunts we knew therein. Tremendous chap!

Here’s a little feedback post-show from some of Wednesday’s audience:
Your Place or Mind

Off to sunny Manchester today and beginning prep for the Banbury show.