The Royal Road

Royal Mile Bingo

Feeling hassled, harangued and herded on that glorious promenade of theatrical dreams known as The Royal Mile.

Fear not! Look busy, avoid eye contact and side-step the flyer-giving desperadoes of dramatic doings.
Simply arm yourself with these crib sheets of classic fringe tropes and see who can get their card filled first!

Card One

  • Flyer giver using nudity/ semi nudity to promote show or hand out flyers
  • Shakespearean in full Elizabethan dress using the words ‘verily’, ‘thou’ or ‘prithee’
  • Student drama production expressing themselves through an ‘impromptu’ tableaux
  • Jazz hands in any form
  • Busker with witty line demeaning Americans
  • Flyer-fatigued actor rolling a ciggie with a broken soul and a thousand yard stare

Card Two

  • Rock n roll bagpipes
  • Long line of bemused tourists following a ghost tour guy in ankle-length leather coat
  • Fake blood (bonus point if alongside semi-nudity)
  • Theatre group on the march with banners shouting provocative slogan
  • Drawing focus by lying on the floor, for that is art
  • Living statue with half their costume off, on a smoking break with can of Irn Bru or Tennent’s Super

Get crossing ‘em off!

Ian may be seen on the Royal Mile alongside his fellow fringers
or at 10.35pm every night until the 25th at venue 145 C Nova in his quite frankly amazing and original riff on Faust, John Dee and Hellblazer:
The Devil Without