The Banbury Affair

A few weeks ago I decided to start promoting myself and my services in a much more visible way. I went to the local paper and asked local journalist Martin Elverly if he would be good enough to hold onto an envelope containing a series of future event predictions I had made in a hypnotic state. Whilst at the offices of The Banbury Guardian, I asked him to sign one of the slips containing the predictions, to seal the envelope, sign across the flap and place it into a second, larger envelope, which was again sealed by Martin with adhesive stickers placed around the edges and on the flap to prevent tampering. This envelope was then taken by Martin and placed into the safe of The Guardian and we agreed to meet two weeks hence in the town centre to open the envelopes and see if it was possible for me to predict the news headlines.
Martin was kind enough to run the story and we met as agreed, two weeks down the line.

I never again touched the envelope, nor it’s contents. On the day of the revelation, we stood in a chilly Banbury town centre whilst the clock struck twelve noon and Martin and a helper dragooned into service from the street, a passer-by, read out the predictions.

How did I do?

Well, I remember thinking that one of my predictions had definitely came in earlier than expected. A prediction about the nuclear test in North Korea, I missed on one prediction involving questioning a random passer-by but was almost spot on with three other predictions including the front page of The Mail and the back page of The Times.
Well, nobody’s perfect!


What is totally excellent, is that the local theatre The Mill Arts Centre has booked in ‘Your Place or Mind’ on the 13th of June! Which just goes to show, you can’t always see everything that’s in store.