Been some time, eh!

So yeah,

It’s been a while. In my defence, I have none. Life has just been hectic, varied, at times difficult and just in the way. So here is an update.
I believe the last time I blogged, it was the summer of 2014!
So what have I been about?
Well, most of 2015 was spent on The Devil Without and getting it out to theatres. I was lucky enough to make some great contacts in Brighton who believed in the show and as a consequence, TDW played quite a few places. I was also asked to lecture at a meeting of mystery workers, which in turn led to other lectures at the annual meeting of bizarre magicians ‘Doomsday’ and London’s prestigious Magic Circle.
I started writing another show and I got together with a group of stand-up/ magician friends and we decided to take our cabaret magic sets to Edinburgh. Alongside this, I managed to get a job playing a historical character from Shakespeare’s life in his very own house in Stratford and some peachy immersive work including working at the Boomtown Festival which was all kinds of immense. I also won a commission to bring a unique puppetry workshop into a stroke ward of th Royal Stoke in Stoke on Trent, which was quite possibly one of the most humbling experiences I have had. Drama teaching-wise I kept my hand in and travelled to Belgium, Poland, Thailand, and I will be off to Prague and New Delhi in the near future as well as a possible tour of the show to Singapore and the surrounding countries.
Edinburgh was a great success and we played to full houses on all but two nights, the material from th Fringe is being re-worked into a full show which I hope to debut either at Brighton or perhaps the Dave festival in Leicester. Next week, I start a new theatre project in association with the Singing Hypnotist Christopher Green and the British Library, which has me all fired up.
I have a thing in the works, which I can’t really talk about, as I don’t want to Jinx it and it may not happen, but if it does, will be amazing.
I guess you’ll get to hear about that either way in the next few weeks, months or years. Ace blogger, I am not!