Victor Kiam

“Even if you fall on your face,
you’re still moving forward.”
That has been my kind of day today, not entirely without merit and there is still ten hours left of it, however, there has already been frustration and teeth-grinding going on.
I like the fact that the above quote is attributed to Victor Kiam (It’s also attributed to others, but I say let him have it!). If you are old enough, you may remember Mr. Kiam advertising electric razors with all the zeal of an evangelical. I certainly remember enjoying his adverts because the product wasn’t really important, it was this luminously white-toothed grinning maniac with his battleship steel-grey coiffured hair that made for good telly. The man knew a thing or two about people and the nature of belief. He obviously knew a good shaver when he saw one too. I could discuss so many things using Victor Kiam as a model- sales psychology, mindscripts, hypnotic language and so on, but I think why he sprang to mind today was his sheer force of will and indefatigable nature. Possibly also because I’ve been watching Mad Men of late.
So it’s Ladies Night in the Upper Penang Road tonight, I’ll be there promoting this weekend’s shows. I’ll get my Kiam on and see where it takes me!