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Mind reading. Hypnotism. Readings. The Empathist can cater for all your entertainment needs.

The Empathist offers a wide variety of entertainment services that can be fully customised to suit your wedding, party or corporate event. Please browse from the list of services below to find out more.

Corporate Hire

Corporate bookings
Ian can deliver a show designed around a corporate function, promotional event or conference. You may wish to discuss your requirements with Ian as he can suggest various options and ways to maximise your experience. Ian is an energetic performer. You’ll get a fast-paced performance that captures the attention and imagination and ensures that your event will be indelible in the minds of your clients. There is a reason that Ian has performed for some of the biggest names in the corporate world. You may wish to request Ian in the capacity of a keynote or after dinner speaker.
Training days
Why not have Ian present on your corporate training day. Ian has experience of delivering training worldwide including:
    • Emotive and persuasive language
    • Vocal and physical language skills for presenters
    • Team working and ensemble building
    • Empathising with your client base
    • Maximising your own potential
Ian has delivered training in Europe, Asia, Latin America, the United States and the Middle East.

Weddings & Parties

There are numerous advantages to having Ian perform at your wedding. Ian can entertain your friends and loved ones during those moments in-between the major events such as photo sessions or cocktails prior to the wedding reception and make sure there is no time when your guests and loved ones are waiting. Ian can mingle with your guests at dinner and create moments of surprise and wonder amongst your friends and family and ensure that everyone is made to feel special along with you on your most important day. At private functions and parties Ian can spice up your event creating talking points and mixing and introducing your guests- great for when there are people that perhaps do not know each other well. Ian, with his easy-going charm and friendly manner with quickly establish rapport with your guests and promote inter-mingling and conversation. If you wish, Ian can deliver Psychological readings, Palm readings or other systems of divination such as Tarot and Numerology.


Ian is a trained hypnotist and uses hypnosis and suggestion to unlock people’s latent creativity or to promote positive change. In a performance context, Ian likes to work with groups of willing volunteers to delve into the realm of the subconscious and investigate the creative potential within us all- to play! Ian’s Hypnotism show is good fun and enlightening. Ian does not embarrass his volunteers nor does he compromise their sense of self or safety but brings out the absolute best in his volunteers with a show designed to celebrate everyone’s positive attributes and potential. It is an hour of laughter, fun, and amazement for everybody- participants and spectators. Is it possible for you to forget your own name? Could it be that you might turn to stone or be the world’s premier secret agent? Would it be feasible that your friends could levitate or even disappear in front of you? Yes, yes and yes- experience the power of your own creative mind.


A reading is an exploration into what you are and what makes you tick. Everyone likes to hear information about themselves. Ian has studied ancient and modern systems of divining personality traits. This enables him to divine trends and likely avenues of exploration and ambition. Ian utilises Tarot, Palm reading, elements of Chinese and Asian divination and modern psychological assessment tools coupled with his intuitive empathy to deliver uncannily accurate readings on a person’s character and life path. These highly personalised readings are structured so that a sitter may qualify questions and queries that they have been ruminating on and to understand how their thought processes work. Ian can sit with you or your clients, and relate things that you couldn’t possibly expect someone to know and to give you food for thought about the reflective inner you. Readings are incredibly popular and Ian has read privately for select clients and VIP's. Readings are individual, private and stay that way.
Some Clients I've Entertained
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