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Your Place or Mind

Discover What Ian’s Latest Show Is All About:
Your Place or Mind looks closely at coincidence and gently asks ‘What if coincidence is the Universe’s way of alerting us to opportunity?’
ESP, Numerology, Remote Viewing and Hypnosis all come together to indicate that maybe there is more to chance than chance alone.
Ian proposes a series of experiments, each building on the last, using the audience to test the nature of synchronicity and opportunity. Ian asks the audience to challenge what they know and to sift through what is real, what is chance or happenstance and is it possible to play with probability and therefore generate luck?

-This is what folk are saying about the show:

Totally entranced by Ian Harvey, stupendous. Really- go see. You will be rewarded!
- Sid Sloane, TV Presenter ‘Sid’s Show’

A combination of mind-reading, hypnosis, and everyday showmanship, bit by bit Stone drew us all in…with set-ups I’d yet to see elsewhere, an original turn…
- Victoria Nangle, Latest7

- Click the link below to hear it from the audience themselves

Your Place or Mind

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