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Discover what people are saying about Ian Harvey Stone, “The Empathist”.

We were delighted  with the performance and involvement of Ian Harvey Stone at our team build in Kuala Lumpur for the oil and gas project with 100 people present. Ian was able to mingle well with the team in the pre-dinner drinks and the feedback from our team on his show was excellent – many were astonished at his mind reading ability. Thank you very much Ian!!!
- Hugh, Lawyer

What the F… , you’re scary man
- Ben C, restaurant manager

Hi Ian, just dropping a message regarding the lecture you did at the Magic Circle- finding your voice- thought it was fantastic!!
- Ian Thomas, Corporate & Wedding Magician,

No, NOOO! It’s witchcraft, it has to be – you’re a witch!
- Tasha, Actress

One of the stand-out lectures I’ve attended
- Stephen Young, Photographer, The Hague

I was leading a training event, the delegates all came back from lunch clutching forks, attempting to bend them with the power of their mind. In the space of one lunchtime Ian had created a cult.
- Anthony Jacquin, Professional Hypnotist & Head-Hacker

I can highly recommend Ian’s lecture. Ian brings something very unique to the table which is practical and a real game changer.
- Peter Antoniou, Therapist, Consultant and Life Coach

Are you using Djinn?
- Shalia, Accountant at a show in the KL Hilton

Praise for ‘The Devil Without’

‘If you’ve any interest at all in magic as an art-form then you must find time to see The Devil Without’
✰✰✰✰ Fringe Guru

‘Stone’s performance is confident, assured and commanding. He has the audience in the palm of his hand and inhabits his character thoroughly. His skills as a conjurer and mentalist are remarkable’
✰✰✰✰ Edinburgh Spotlight

‘Do not be under any illusion; this show is not just a magic show with a bit of theatre thrown in. It truly is an all-consuming experience. Despite my determination to be sceptical I found myself constantly surprised and impressed by Stone’s brilliant magical escapades.’
✰✰✰✰ Broadway Baby

‘Highly original…Harvey Stone confidently keeps the tension up throughout…this will prove to be a winner on the touring circuit both nationally and abroad.’

✰✰✰✰The Stage & Television Today – Nick Awde

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